Google Charts Available End of March

March 17, 2009

Many users have asked for the ability to chart progress.  Luckily for the Google phone (and any web-enabled phone), we have the Google Charts API which magically much easier to use than I expected.  The tricky part was the data scaling especially since we are working with dates.  For example,  I worked out consistently for a couple of weeks and then skipped a month, I wouldn’t want the data to be displayed in equal intervals.  So how do you take dates and figure out the relative distance between them?  In this case I just converted everything to milliseconds which is pretty standard.  Although at first I tried to come up with my own way to convert dates to a number format which obviously didn’t end up working.  I have posted a link below and the chart.  Notice how the url contains all the information needed to create the chart, pretty nifty and its fast too!

Here’s a sample




One comment

  1. It would be nice to have the option to graph total weight lifted per set rather than just the weight on it’s own. If I’ve managed to go from 3×8 @ 34 -> 3×9 @ 34 that’s still progress and it would be nice to see that on a graph. Perhaps as an option? That would give me more warm fuzzy feelings/motivation.

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