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February 26, 2009

My full time job is as a project manager coordinating the development of an Android app.  I thought it would be neat to give myself a small project to learn more about the Android API and better understand what goes through the minds of the developers.  I am not a coder by any means, but creating something from scratch and having (or attempting to have) full control over it has been fascinating.

I decided to write this app mostly for myself, in the past I have used the notepad app on my sidekick, blackberry, G1 to keep track of only my most current weights for each exercise.  But this really didn’t give me the ability to see how far I’d come nor was it a motivation factor. 

I released the app on the marketplace just for kicks.  So far the app has over 6000 users and almost 20000 downloads.  I have received emails and suggestions from all over which have me very excited about the many possibilities and directions this little app could go. 

I am also new to the blogging world, so this is my attempt at sharing my experiences to whoever is out there reading.


WorkItOut 1.1 Posted to Google Marketplace

February 2, 2009

New Functions

  • Update/Upgrade Notifier
  • Notes field
  • Quick add list for over 30 common exercises
  • Save function on menu (not just on the number pad)
  • Show/hide number pad
  • Set date for workouts
  • Choose number of sets ( 1-8 )
  • No more default 0’s displayed on a new exercise
  • Data saved when switching screen orientation