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February 16, 2010


WorkItOut 1.4.1 Screen Flow

December 19, 2009

Since the user guide within the application is pretty minimal, I have attached a screen flow to show users how to navigate through the application and displays the buttons and menu items that are available. Hopefully this clears up some questions regarding the UI.

WorkItOut 1.4.1 Screen Flow


Android Network Awards – Vote Now

August 11, 2009

Best Fitness App


Help on force close!

August 10, 2009

UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone who emailed me their data.  I believe I have fixed the version and released a patch WorkItOut 1.4.1.  Please let me know if it works out alright and thanks for your patience.


I can’t ask my users to vote for my app when I know it is not working correctly!

I, for the life of me, cannot recreate the bug.  Especially if the situation entails the user uninstalling and reinstalling the app from the MarketPlace.  I am able to download, install, and use the app fine.

One thing that would help is if anyone who is experiencing the force close could send me their workout data using the “Backup / Send via Email” option to android@workitout.mobi.  Then I could try to import the data and see where the issue might be.

I am also putting together a crash log tool, details coming soon.


WorkItOut nominated for Android Network Award – Best Fitness App

August 7, 2009


Check out www.androidnetworkawards.com, a great way to spread the word about popular and cool apps by the Android community, enthusiasts, and users.

To commemorate the nomination, I have released WorkItOut 1.4 and finally fixed all of the bugs identified. Voting begins Monday, August 10th, and I will post more information as I come across it.

Thanks everyone for your support!


WorkItOut 1.4 Update Coming Soon

August 3, 2009

Apologies to everyone for being so late on this update. Hoping to get it out by Friday.

This update will include Android 1.5 SDK support.

Bug fixes/features include…

More exercises (including cardio!)
No more black bar when you scroll a list
No more on-screen number pad
Ability to sort workouts by date
Ability to change the exercise date

Still working on….

Exercises in workouts being out of sync.
Empty workouts causing a force close
Clearing text field when it comes into focus

If there are any bugs I have missed, please let me know.


WorkItOut 1.3 (update) available on MarketPlace

April 12, 2009

Application Crashing on Launch

So seems as though many users had to uninstall and reinstall the application to get it to work.  Thanks to everyone’s input, we figured it out.  It was the desktop shortcut.  Since the new version was tab-based, I had to change the name of the launcher file (which is what the shortcut points to).  This was crashing Android and not the actual application.  But when you uninstall the app (and therefore get rid of the desktop shortcut), it works fine.

Import/Backup Functionality

The downfall to learning this the hard way was user’s losing months worth of data.  I spent the weekend adding Importing/Backup functionality, so hopefully this won’t happen again.  First of all, whenever you upgrade the app, it will automatically backup the data first to the SD card.  Also now the user has the ability to Email or Backup (to the SD card) their data.  It also brings the new dimension of importing data too.