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WorkItOut Run Through

December 17, 2008

Functions Slated for Next Release

December 16, 2008

Compiling a list, here’s what we are hoping for so far….

  • Exercise/Workout Template
    • Variable number of sets (1-8)
    • % Max
    • Notes
  • Ability to download DB in CSV/SQL format
  • Charts to see progress

WorkItOut Beta

December 16, 2008

WorkItOut is a mobile application available on the T-Mobile G1 through the Market.   The app can be found under the “Lifestyle” category.

Functions available on the Beta release:

Exercise Tab

  • Add Exercise
  • Edit Exercise (name, muscle group, # of reps, weight)
  • Delete Exercise
  • Sort Exercise List by entry, muscle group, date, exercise

Workout Tab

  • Add Workout
  • Copy Workout
  • Delete Workout
  • Add Exercises to Workout
  • Delete Exercises from Workout
  • Rearrange Exercise order
  • Enter Exercise data in Workout