WorkItOut 1.4 Update Coming Soon

August 3, 2009

Apologies to everyone for being so late on this update. Hoping to get it out by Friday.

This update will include Android 1.5 SDK support.

Bug fixes/features include…

More exercises (including cardio!)
No more black bar when you scroll a list
No more on-screen number pad
Ability to sort workouts by date
Ability to change the exercise date

Still working on….

Exercises in workouts being out of sync.
Empty workouts causing a force close
Clearing text field when it comes into focus

If there are any bugs I have missed, please let me know.



  1. updated to new version. crashes everytime now when you click exercises or workouts.

  2. I upload the application but there is nothing to view or any exercise.

  3. In the workout screen, when you have entered a number other than 0 into all of the sets you have defined for a specific exercise, have the name of that exercise turn a different color and/or have it move to the bottom of the list so you know what exercises you have left to do.

  4. I’ve just downloaded workitout and started playing with it, and have experienced a very weird bug:

    I added a bunch of exercises (16 of them). I then went to plan a workout. From the Add A Workout screen, I could see all my exercises (unsorted, blah). I then clicked on one, and it went gray. I then scrolled down to select another, and, low and behold, another was already selected.

    What I found was:

    1) Every time I added a new exercise, whichever exercise was 8 places lower would ALSO be selected.

    2) If I selected an exercise from the bottom half of the list, an exercise 8 places higher would also get selected.

    3) If I unselected an exercise (annoying double-click to do so), the other exercise would also get deselected.

    Probably the fact that I had 16 exercises was related to the fact the that other exercise would be 8 places away.

    After I saved the workout, the “ghost” selections were not saved.

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