WorkItOut 1.3 (update) available on MarketPlace

April 12, 2009

Application Crashing on Launch

So seems as though many users had to uninstall and reinstall the application to get it to work.  Thanks to everyone’s input, we figured it out.  It was the desktop shortcut.  Since the new version was tab-based, I had to change the name of the launcher file (which is what the shortcut points to).  This was crashing Android and not the actual application.  But when you uninstall the app (and therefore get rid of the desktop shortcut), it works fine.

Import/Backup Functionality

The downfall to learning this the hard way was user’s losing months worth of data.  I spent the weekend adding Importing/Backup functionality, so hopefully this won’t happen again.  First of all, whenever you upgrade the app, it will automatically backup the data first to the SD card.  Also now the user has the ability to Email or Backup (to the SD card) their data.  It also brings the new dimension of importing data too. 




  1. App is looking great.

    My #1 feature request at this point would be to give a global option for hiding the built in keypad (now that most of us are running 1.5)

    #2 feature request; empty a field when it receives focus

  2. Howdy, thanks for interesting app. Im using it on G2 aka HTC Magic.
    I used the app in the gym for the first time today and have two bugs you should fix.
    1) Big problem: the numpad is totally in the way. The android numpad pops up in front of it anyways so get rid of it or make the android numpad not pop up.
    2) Small problem: the “0”s in the “set” and “weight” boxes are useless and I have to manually erase them before entering my own value. Leave the boxes blank as default or make the boxes clear the “0” upon activation.

    If you fix this Im sure many G2 users will be very grateful and use your app. Its close to be good enough for putting on a price-tag.


    Morten Myrup
    Copenhagen, Denmark

  3. You have created an interesting program here. The only problem I am having with it is that I tend to do 1 of 4 set workout routines. The way it is set up now every time I want to workout on a new day I have to create a copy of one of the four workouts I have done and continue from there. It would be easier if I could instead choose which workout I am going to do that day and enter new data. Not sure what your data model looks like but if the workouts are just a list of exercises you could have a table of workouts, then a table of dates referencing the workouts. Then when it is tuesday the 16th it would create an entry for workout id 1 in the date table and then create the new exercise entries with that date. This would only be necessary if you want to keep track of when the workouts were performed of course. if you just want to keep track of the exercises you can drop the workout-date table and simply create the exercise entries with the new dates.

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