Functions Slated for Next Release

December 16, 2008

Compiling a list, here’s what we are hoping for so far….

  • Exercise/Workout Template
    • Variable number of sets (1-8)
    • % Max
    • Notes
  • Ability to download DB in CSV/SQL format
  • Charts to see progress


  1. A random exercise feature would be great. A lot of times I will choose to do 2 specific muscle groups, but can’t decide on what exercises to do. It would be awesome for the app to ask what muscle groups are going to be worked, and then a shake of the G1 would kick off the accelerometer to randomly find an exercise from one of those muscle groups. Think of it kind of like the iPhone UrbanSpoon app, but for working out.

  2. How about a cardio section, a way to list calories burned during cardio workout, your current weight, and a calendar the you can scroll through to view this and your other exercises (reps). This would be a great help to keep track of this for when cutting weight.

  3. i found a bug if you leave the a field blank in Reps or Weight, it causes a small crash.

  4. This sound like a great program. This is what i have been looking for. Problem is everytime I download it I don’t get the whole progrsm. There are no drop down menus or any way to put in reps.
    Will somebody please help me on this situation.
    Thank You

  5. Being able to edit workout dates would be helpful as well. The app. is off to a great start!

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